SQL and Security on the Web{Comments Off on SQL and Security on the Web}

by Calvin M
Malware is used to attack websites to add malicious scripts to either disrupt service or to steal information. People are even using malware to create sites that look like, for example, a bank’s website, to steal information from their customers. One type of malware used to attack websites are SQL Injection Attacks. This form of malware creates malicious queries to attack the website’s database to get information or to just overload the database. The article tells of an attack in 2007 that affect millions of people, and this SQL Injection attack was distributed through a reputable website.Because you can’t exactly see what’s going on the internet, the best way to be cautious is to not trust any website any time. The article suggests that people using Firefox should use the no script add on, and IE and Opera users should disable active scripting.


Internet security is important as ever since almost every service that we do is provided online. We all shop online, bank online, and pay bills online. It can be very easy for a hacker to put malware to steal this information from you. Now I know how hackers can use SQL against the users and developers to steal information from under them. I know that the article showed some ways for users to protect themselves from malware, but I wish this article also told ways for developers to protect their databases from malicious attacks such as the SQL Injection attacks that were described in the article. It’s pretty scary to think that someone can steal all your personal information on the internet. This makes me think some times that no matter how strong I can make a password, someone can easily find a way to get my password, or trick me in giving it to them. How many times have we all gotten an email from our “banks” saying that we need to log in to their sites or email them our social security number and password? Now that identity theft has been at an all time high, it is more important than ever to protect ourselves and the sites that we make. This makes me think about how secure the site I make will be. I do not want to be the reason why my customers got their identities stolen.


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