SQL Intro{Comments Off on SQL Intro}

by Peter C

SQL is responsible for querying and editing information that is stored on a database. It is a database management system that people use for programming. It was used by IBM in the 1970s and now it has become a big part of our database system. Oracle is the one that came up with a new way on using this system which is now call Oracle V2. SQL offers great flexibility to users by being able to run on several computer networks. The queries that produce by SQL will let the user search the database for any information it needed.


SQL is a major part of our world now. With more data, we would need SQL to help us manage these data. SQL will help manage the database and will make ours live much easier. It will help us organize the data so that we can understand it much better. If the information is in the database, then we will be able to retrieve that data much faster than searching for it. It will also provide an update for the database. SQL is more commonly used now than ever before.

I believe that SQL will be even better in the near future. It will save people time and money because the users do not have to take extra time to look for the information it needs. I believe that everyone should be more familiar with SQL because it is rising. It will be our new database system that we will be using.


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