SSA to upgrade from Google Analytics{2}

by Daniel S
This article talks about how the Social Security Administration wants to improve its website and how they monitor the traffic that comes through its website. The officials at SSA is looking to upgrade its web analytics tool, and to reduce costs and gain support services that can be applied across SSA’s web properties. The Social Security Administration is currently running Google Analytics to measure, collect, analyze, and report of internet data for purposes of optimizing web usage. The main reason why the SSA wants to upgrade its web analytics tool is to identify and focus on the different opportunities for improving its current web page and  its online services to the American people. The SSA also wants to have a software that can handle tens of millions of incoming traffic a month and the ability to produce and export  high volumes of reports. They also want a service-level agreement dashboard that will monitor data collection, reporting uptime and freshness, so they can verify system performance at any time.


My knowledge of Web Analytics was what I learned from class. I learned that web analytics was primarily used for website improvement, by tracking the traffic that coming to website and analyzing which part of website was being utilized the most. I learned that most businesses today are not only derived by how much data it can pass on to its customers, but also trying to learn what the customers want by tracking what links the customers are clicking when visiting. It was nice to see that the SSA is trying to improve their online services based on customer’s needs and wants. Plus, I had no idea that the SSA gets that much traffic on a monthly basis and now I understand why they are trying to upgrade their web analytics tool.


We discussed this topic a decent amount in class, because to find out how companies try to appeal to the general public by seeing what attracts the customers and things that does not interest them. We talked about Google Analytics and that is something that is similar to the analytics software, which shows different heat signals of where the customers are spending majority of their time when spending time on a website.



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