Starting Early{2}

by Chris S
Few students code before college. Many coding classes in high schools end up being a class on learning to “drag and drop” parts of code. Half Moon Bay High School is going above and beyond that, however, as they are now offering a third period class on HTML. In this class students are learning to code on the text based level, having to put in their own end tags, paragraph sections, and more. The students have been so enthusiastic about learning this useful skill that they are most likely going to have twice as many sections in it next year, as well as an animation class.

I found this article interesting because throughout high school I longed for a class like this. The “programming” class my school offered was little more than a drag and drop interface, offering no opportunity to be creative with your code. I believe that with classes like this students will be able to pursue their own interests, and are much more willing to learn something that they can apply in other areas of their life.

I also was surprised to see that an HTML class was the first computer-technology styled course that this school is offering. The high school I went to offered a web design (dreamweaver) and an animation class (in Cinema4D), yet still hasn’t been able to get to the coding level with students. I really hope to see more of this in the future, and I also hope to see Advanced Placement classes in this so that future high school students have even more motivation to take these useful classes.

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