Tablet Exclusive HTML5{Comments Off on Tablet Exclusive HTML5}

by Chris S
HTML5 is a big deal in the web development world. More recently, new methods for browsing the internet are becoming more common place in the form of tablets. Pressly is a company dedicated to developing websites specifically for the new tablet market. One website,, can only be accessed if you are using a tablet browser. Any attempt to view this website via desktop, will redirect you to Making a website such as exclusive to tablet browsing, will create an even higher demand for tablets. Technology is becoming more and more convenient and the emergence of the tablet proves just that. Pressly, is just one company producing such websites. More companies, I’m sure, will follow thus, creating a new web that is solely accessible if you have a tablet, an “on-the-go” web.
I found this article very interesting since many websites have a mobile version for most smart phones. To have a website that can only be viewed if you have a tablet is something I never would have thought be possible. However, the release of the ipad has sparked a new race for tech companies to create a better version. Samsung has released their tablet, among other companies including Amazon. The way we access the web has changed several times over the last decade and it only makes me curious as to how the internet will evolve in the next 10 years to come and what technology we will be using to access it. HTML5 is going to be a standard for web development if it is not already. Web developers have a new way to showcase their skills and the tablet looks like it is going to be the medium through which as view it.

Source: January 10, 2012