The Choice to use Cloud Computing or Not{3}

by Ermie C
There are many businesses that understand that they must find ways to create more and efficient business models for revenue, production, and growth. This article is about how cloud computing may be the next solution for a growing business.  They also mention that if a business hasn’t been using cloud computing, then it will eventually be integrated in the business.  “According to Cisco, the global Internet traffic generated by cloud computing services will increase 12-fold by 2015.”  That’s a pretty big statement because that’s only 3 years away. This article explains five points to consider using cloud computing.  These five points are lower cost of ownership, dependability, scalability, mobility, and future-proofing.  Lower cost of of ownership because since all the applications and hardware are off site, the costs  are lowered significantly.  Dependability because if other specialized people are already handling the data, like Microsoft, it will be much easier to fix a problem when you have a specialist on the job.  This is however, to alternative of having an actual employee take care of the on-site server.  Scalability because if the number of customers grow, the cloud is like a blob where it can adjust to how many accounts and how much information is given.  Mobility to limit and to increase the access of information all over the world.  All they would need is an internet source and they can handle the information from home, etc.  Finally future-proofing because there is new technology being created every day, month, and year.  So with that, the provider that is helping a business owner with cloud computing can and will upgrade to the technology and find ways to incorporate or update the technology.

This article was very interesting because it made it easier for people to understand if they should convert  to cloud computing .  For me, I would recommend to do it for many business aspects. Especially with all the functionality that is being given by Google.  However, one thing that bothers me is that they didn’t really go over the disadvantages of it.  For example, if information is out there in the “cloud” then isn’t that saying that they are targets for any hacker in the world.  The dependability and mobility bothers me a lot because if someone can access it any where, then that means it can be accessed from anywhere by anyone.

This has to do a lot with the class because if we are going to be creating websites and applications for clients, then we must understand what the growing technologies are and that we must get our hands on it before we are left behind.  We must continue to grow and understand what the next step is and give the best solution for our clients.


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