The Cloud and its Security Concerns

by Daniel S
This article talked about the security concerns of cloud computing, and what the Fraunhofer
Research Institution is trying to do about it. The Fraunhofer Institute has come up with an idea
called “The Cloud Center Control,” where it controls and monitors all traffic going through
the cloud. Security is a big concern for any computer users using public networks to share
information with other people. The Fraunhofer Institute has created the OmniCloud software
to counter the security issues for users that go through the cloud. The software ensures that
any packet being sent through the cloud will be encrypted. The Frauhofer Institute knows
that it cannot secure every package/ information that is being sent through the cloud, because
technology always changes and cyber crimes get more advanced as time progresses.

My knowledge of Cloud Computing is a way for different kinds of business to take advantage
of storage and virtual services through the internet, saving money on infrastructure. I understand
that using the Internet has its advantages, but also as users, we are putting ourselves at risk
because the information we are sending and receiving is on the public network, and it is
vulnerable to being hacked and being read by a third party. The article was very informative
regarding the security concerns and issues that the public had about cloud computing. I thought
it was good to see a company take initiative to address the issues that cloud computing creates.
Also thought it was good to see that the Research Institute acknowledge that it cannot completely
solve the security breaches on the public network, but its product will lessen the breaches.

This topic relates to the class because web development is a term that is associated with creating
a website, and those websites are displayed by using different kinds of platforms and software.
Anyone that uses a computer is on the public cloud network every day, and from my experience
the public network has not only given me a faster way to look up information, but also share
information just as efficiently.

Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. (2012, March 7). Cloud Computing: The Trustworthy Cloud.
ScienceDaily. Retrieved March 31, 2012, from

3 thoughts on “The Cloud and its Security Concerns”

  1. I really enjoyed your article, and agree that there should be a high concern associated with cloud server security. In the article I wrote this week dealt with the same issues with security being a major concern and how to secure hospital patients data. There needs to be more coding techniques or programs to help ensure proper security measures.

  2. Great article. Definitely think that we need to look at more options as far as security and not just focus on the reliability a cloud server can offer. Yes, its awesome, but at the same time the admiration for the clouds flexibility will be short lived if it can’t remain secure for the users it serves.

  3. I couldn’t agree more. I am taking network security along with forensics so I am starting to see that security is a huge issue these days and I think that it should be talked about more frequently because we are making life decisions on the internet now a days and at any time any of the information we are accessing could be compromised.

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