The Cloud, Day 21: My Data Might Be Safer in the Cloud{1}

by Bach B
“30 days with the cloud” is a series of blogs of PCWorld magazine’s writer, Tony Bradley. By this, he is sharing his experience and also his concern during his 30 days journey using cloud-based products, such as Google Docs, Zoho Docs, Box.Net, etc. One of his concern is security. By using cloud-based storage, we can convinnently access our data everywhere as long as we have  a Web-enabled device and an Internet connection. However, it seems like an awful lot of faith to put in a third-party to expect it to protect our data. We  surely don’t want our data accessed by anyone but us and maybe a handful of authorized people that we designate. By placing it out on the Internet, even that the data is locked and protected by a third party, but “it feels like taking my valuable possessions, putting them in a box with a padlock, and leaving it in the middle of Times Square.”, Tony said. Nevertheless , there is a fallacy to this analogy. People usually think that keeping their possession at home is safer than it is in the middle of Times Square is based on an underlying belief that their home is more secluded, and less accessible to potential thieves than Times Square. But it is not neccessarily true that their personal computers is  safer places for their data than the cloud. The reason is no matter where we choose to store our data, in our personal computers and/or in the cloud, it is still ultimately our responsibility to secure it. While we might not have time, knowledge, or an entire IT department working on our behalf to make sure our data is protected, the service provider surely has that. By that, Tony concludes that the data might be safer in the cloud.

In response to this, i think Tony is right. Most of Individuals like students, homeowners, etc do not have time, and even knowledge to protect or maintain their data well. Small businesses cannot spend millions for an IT department, which is even a problem with big corporations, to keep an eye on their database.  Therefore, the cloud is a good solution for everyone to solve the problem, where to store our precious data. For me, whenever i forget to bring my project for classes with me or my computer crashes, Dropbox is always there and ready for me to pull out anything i need. And so im a happy cloud user.

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