The Connection Between JQuery and the Metro Theme{4}

The article I read this week discussed the Metro internal code created by Microsoft.  According to the author, the Microsoft Open Technologies has been able to make Metro available  to the JQuery mobile open source mobile interface, thus allowing mobile apps and websites the availability to have to look and feel of the Metro theme on the Windows Phone 7.5  O.S. that was otherwise limited to only native applications.  The article states that “JQuery is a touch-optimized framework leveraging HTML5 and the JQuery JavaScript library” (Krill).  The author says that the CSS and JavaScript Metro theme adapts to the theme already used in the Windows Phone and then applies styling to JQuery Mobile controls and in effect, mobile HTML5 websites are able to integrate the Metro-style theme.

I found this article to be interesting and also relate-able somewhat to our class lectures.  JQuery has a lot of features and it is not surprising that Microsoft linked their Metro theme to JQuery.  With the way that technology is evolving, I like to see how companies are integrating their existing projects with the new technology and not just quitting on them.  Since JQuery is designed to simplify client-side scripting, using JQuery and the Metro theme together has allowed for Microsoft to provide a mobile applications a sophisticated and neatly designed layout.  Hopefully this linkage between JQuery and Metro was  a good decision and user enjoy the experience of the Metro theme on the Windows Phone.

Krill, P (2012, April, 30). Microsoft links Metro theme to JQuery Mobile, Windows Phone. retrieved May 6, 2012, from InfoWorld: