The Facebook Connection

by Ermie C
This article is about how Facebook widgets and plug ins have been gauged to slow down websites.  According to APM Compuware, load times for websites usually averaged 7.5 seconds and now with the increase of plug-in usage, that load time has turned into 12.5 seconds.  Many retail companies have been interviewed and said that they have had performance hang ups.  Adding something like the “like” button widget has already been something that has slowed down websites.  Facebook can be a giant to slow down the whole internet and with the research provided, it is evident that is does.  Analysts even went around and accused the hacker, Anonymous, for messing with their servers.  However, they described it as Facebook IT was just having a bad day.

I chose this article because it really shows what websites can do.  Facebook as a beast, really is starting to control the internet.  I found it interesting that use of widgets and plugins have become increasingly popular.  As programmers, we must understand what they do and how it affects the load times for our websites.

I think this has to deal with our class because we are talking about how web servers can affect load times.  We need to create websites that are efficient and smooth.  We must pick and choose the plug ins that will help us and not hurt overall feel of the websites.

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