The future of the web, HTML5{3}

by Gerardgon Z
The world wide web is a constantly evolving and improving beast. We have gone through many versions and advances in this online world that what we will not even recognize the original version of the world wide web. It is now so intertwined with our daily lives and activities that without it we would feel isolated and disconnected from the rest of the world. HTML5 brings with it powerful  improvements and features that will only strengthens our bonds with the real and online world. The article talks about the new elements in it and how familiar yet different it is from the previous HTML. It vastly improves on the number of APIs that comes with it and its offline capabilities and application cache. HTML5 is also being developed in order to better support mobile devices to improve our experience with the web in a constantly connected world.

This article is related to our discussion for this week because our topic was on HTML. I have had experience with HTML in high school in my Web Design class where I first learned how to script, program and create websites. I found it to be fascinating and fun enough that it was one of the reasons I chose CIS to be my major. Seeing HTML5 and the capabilities and features it brings with it is like receiving a new and improved version of my favorite toy. HTML5 definitely makes web programming a lot easier and functional with everything we do with the web.

In class we discussed the different elements and tags of HTML. HTML5 comes in to improve on this aspects and even further the capabilities the web will offer. It allows for easier and a more organized way of coding HTML. It also comes with its own vast array of API that will help programmers and users a like. It also focuses on the new breed of mobile devices that are always connected to the world wide web and improves their functionality and usability with the users.

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