The Google Warning{3}

This article is about how Google has warned over 20,000 websites that they could be infected by Malware.  They suggested that some pages may be hacked with certain javascript that will lead their users to pages that they install Malware.  Many of the type of codes are used are HTML, PHP, and JavaScript.  Also, the websites were warned that their server configuration files may be compromised.  Last July, Google started to crack down on many websites that may be infected and that’s Google trying to show their concern and help for webmasters.

I liked this article because it shows that Google really does care about their customers.  We know that Google is continuously growing and growing and there’s nothing stopping them.  We all know that there are hackers in the world, but as the leading company of everything on the web, they must do these things to keep their customers safe.

I chose this article because in class we are talking about how JavaScript, can make things a lot easier to make for web pages.  We found that Javascript can give more capabilities with the interactions of the user and web interface.  Hopefully we can continue to learn more because learning more about what these kind of languages can do can definitely help us find Malware, if we become webmasters.


Essers, L. (2012, April 19). Google Warns 20,000 Websites That Could Be Infected With Malware. PC World. Retrieved April 29, 2012, from