The impact of CSS on Mobile Phone{5}

by David H
The article that I read this week talks about how cascading style sheet impact in the mobile phone. In the article, the author mentions that many designer of mobile try to use numerous expressions of varying interfaces, contexts, and automation to apply to mobile computing. One of most important thing that make mobile computing more dominant is that designer need to build the system in support of as many as possible unique. It includes in use and user define characteristic. The author also mentions that there are two emerging roles that make the impact on cascading style sheet in the context of computing to mobile computing. The first role is independence and the second role is usability.  The author emphasizes that the application of the cascading style sheet standard can improve data delivery across independent devices with varied bandwidth and resource availability. Therefore, cascading style sheet plays essential role in evolution and expansion of mobile computing.

I think this article relates to class because in class we have been discussed about how cascading style sheet specify the presentation style such as colors, line, internally, or externally, and so on. Beside that we have learned some coding about CSS. Nowadays, we can use our cell phone to launch to website. However, when we use phone to launch to website, some of the feature does not appear on our phone because it does not have much function than desktop or laptop because of CSS was limited on mobile phone.


Germonprez, M., Michel, A., & Srinivasan, N. (2006). The impacts of the cascading style sheet standard on mobile computing. International Journal of IT Standards & Standardization Research, 4(2), 55-69.