The importance of CSS{1}

by Boshi W,r:11,s:0&biw=940&bih=875

Back in the days when there was no Cascade Style Sheet, web designers had 2 options: create a simple web page that contained little more than a few pictures and lists, or create an HTML and place contents within each cell of a table. Clearly, both of these lack creativity and very and is major hassle. Thankfully, CSS was soon developed and web design was no longer a tedious job. The article I read talks about the benefits of using CSS and why every developer should learn and use it if they want to create a professional looking webpage.

The author prefers CSS because of its ability to access visually disabled, its small file size, and its simple positioning. With CSS, people with visual disabilities no longer have to try and read HTML text documents with screen reader, instead, they will be able to differentiate between substances of a page and its styling. CSS also allows users to change the look of a website using just a single line of code which in turn allows for a much smaller file size. Hence improving download times and efficiency. Finally, designers will not be limited to the space of the table size but allows them to position text, pictures and other elements anywhere within a page.

CSS might be hard to learn at first because of its complicity and vast features. But one can be sure that it will be worth the time. CSS will make editing so much easier too.

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