The Latest CSS{2}

by Monica G
It’s finally here, the standardized CSS version 2.1. CSS, Cascading Style Sheets is exactly its name stands for; it’s the feel and presentation of a web page. The World Wide Web Consortium finally came out with this version in their latest session. It enables the designer to manage their pages with ease but at the same time continue to have a “powerful layout and design.” Most of the work that went into CSS 2.1 was to make sure it was a stable enough platform, therefore to do that numerous test had to be run on different devices, as well as various combinations of formats to ensure ease of use. As the article clearly states CSS Test Suite had 9,000 tests to ensure that browser makers can make sure that their pages are correctly rendered by the platform (Jackson, 2011). CSS 2.1 is already supported by browsers, but Philippe Le Hégaret, the head of the Interaction Domain for W3C, has advised that some makers would have to change a couple of things in order to ensure they can completely take advantage of this finalization. And as history repeats itself, W3C is already working on CSS 3.

Although this article is nearly half a year old, it still sparks some interest. The article talks about web page designing and the universal CSS, which we talk about in class. As it has been stated before by others and in the classroom setting, the style of pages has not always been traditional or the norm, but at least we have ‘the usual’ to go by. The usual layout might not always seem interesting or bold or new but without it, we wouldn’t know where to start in a home page.

The article simply covers the news of CSS 2.1 final release but I really liked that the author began by explaining what CSS was, not simply jumping into the story. This is a nice feature because if I had no clue about styles, at least I would come out with some type of new understanding and appreciation. The author did mention something about there being a CSS Color Module Level 3, which I’m not sure has been released yet, so I would have appreciated some more information on that.

Citation: Jackson, J. (2011, June 7). A Decade Later, W3C Finalizes CSS 2.1. Retrieved January 29, 2012, from PCWorld: