The Microsoft Approach{Comments Off on The Microsoft Approach}

by Andrew N

The Microsoft Approach

Microsoft has had two brief demonstrations on the new Windows 8 live tile touch-based platform and have gotten developers all rowdy. They have demonstrated the platform and how it is going to work but have not emphasized anything on the application development which has SilverLight and .NET developers worried. They have said to be moving towards the HTML 5 and Java script market and focusing more on that, but many developers are concerned about the previous concepts becoming ancient history. Some developers are taking this as terrible news and some are just confused because Microsoft has yet to announce or answer any questions concerning developers roles and structure to this new platform. All that they know for now is that HTML 5 and JavaScript are to play a bigger role in this new up and coming platform. Windows 8 is said to be released sometime in 2012, but there is no exact date on that yet.

So far, I have heard mixed reviews about Windows 8 and its credibility. As of right now I do not know what to believe until I see it in action. Microsoft is trying to do everything in my opinion. They want to be versatile unlike how Apple is with shunning out JavaScript, Flash, and many other applications and languages. Yes, they will try and adopt the new HTML 5 and incorporate JavaScript more but I believe they will not shut out .NET and Silverlight platforms. These platforms are what the past Operating Systems have run on and have had great success so there is no point in trying to reinvent the wheel. I believe Microsoft will try and incorporate everything into their OS’ and leave room for all developers to build upon.

In my opinion, I like Microsoft’s approach more than Apple’s and it isn’t because of the bias’. Although, Microsoft’s approach may seem farfetched and may raise other questions such as they are doing now, at least they are open to many developers and not just vendor specific. It is like comparing an Open Source program to a paid one. Apple seems very exclusive at what they are trying to achieve and yes, it is working very well for the market. It is actually a good thing because it keeps market competitive and going, but at the same time it is creating alliances.

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