The Mild Recreation of the iPhone 4{Comments Off on The Mild Recreation of the iPhone 4}

by Ermie C
This article is about how this programmer and developer named TJRus created a web application that mimics a little bit of the functions of an iPhone 4.  The capabilities are limited, but it was very impressive on the things that he created.  You can turn it on and off, and interactively press the home button, power button, and even slide to unlock.  I just had to mention this article because it is very impressive and why it’s impressive is because it’s completely created with 3395 lines of code. They also mentioned that back in November, Microsoft created a web based Windows Phone.

I chose this article because I know what CSS, JavaScript, Html5 can do, but with all this in combination this iPhone 4 creation was very impressive.  I liked this article because it shows what CSS can really do.  With every style, every code, and jquery code, it really is amazing that anything can really be created  with imagination.

I think this pertains to class because we’re only touching the base of what CSS and JavaScript.  Hopefully with greater training and more practice we can start building the things we can imagine as amateur web developers. Also please check out the website, with the web app, it’s really interesting.

Brandrick, C. (2012, January 3). iPhone 4 Rendered Using HTML5 and CSS3, No Images Needed. PC World. Retrieved April 22, 2012, from