The Most Innovating Feature of HTML5

by Yeimy F
 HTML5 is the latest version of the Hypertext Markup Language used to present content on the World Wide Web. Even though, this version is still under development, one of the innovating features is the allowance to include 3D graphics on the Web pages without the need for plug-ins. The Web-based Graphics Library (WebGL) has extended the capability of JavaScript programming language to create 3D graphics within any compatible Web browser such as Firefox, Opera, and Safari . Now, Web developers can access OpenGL, computer graphic API, through JavaScript to incorporate 3D with HTML content. Moreover, the specifications for hardware that enables such graphics have been specified already by the Kronos Group. There is already a variety of computer software programs such as “C3DL, CopperLicht , EnergizeGL, GammaJS, GLGE, GTW, O3D, OSG.JS, SceneJS, SpiderGL, TDL, Three.js and X3DOM that Web developers can use to easily create a Web page with 3D content.” This new feature will provide users with an exciting experience on the Web gaming, and better involvement with educational and training applications.

The learning objective of this week was to learned how a Web page is developed using HTML content. We talked about the basic structure of an HTML file and how to add images to it. Moreover, we talked about the HTML different versions including the latest. Some of the features of the latest version provided were the ability to store offline data for Web apps, the drag-and-drop feature, and the ability to include video and audio without plug-ins required.

So I looked for an article that provided more information about the HTML latest version and I found this one very interesting because besides that 3D graphics are fascinating to everyone using the Internet, it might be important for students, who want to follow the Web development path, to know that these new features require more educational programs to keep up with all the advancements made in technology.


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7 thoughts on “The Most Innovating Feature of HTML5”

  1. 3D feature is pretty cool. However, since constantly watching 3D is really bad for eyes, i do not think that 3D websites will be much popular.

  2. I didn’t know HTML 5 could render 3D. I was aware that it can replace Flash and some sites like grooveshark already adopted it. I think it’s good that there will be an internet standard that every website can follow.

  3. That is pretty amazing how HTML 5 can render 3D without the need for any plug ins. I wonder how much of it we will see in the coming future.

  4. That is very interesting, i was not aware that HTML5 was capable of 3D at all, especially without any plug ins. I am curious as to how well it will be adopted by websites and also by developers and designers. I still feel like we are far from fully accepting 3D into our everyday lives.

  5. That’s pretty cool how HTML 5 can adopt 3D. My concerns are how safe is it, meaning what are or will be the health issues that will come up and how much will it affect our lives? Because it has been proven that 3D affects your health, especially small children and babies.

  6. HTML 5 is really amazing. It is what the future of the internet is. I just wrote up an article on how HTML 5 is being used by App Developers to create apps that can span the divide of mobile devices. Imagine playing apps in full 3d on your smartphone, or any smartphone.

  7. I have mixed feelings about the 3D feature of HTML5. I think it’s a pretty cool feature to have on the website. We know that 3D technology is cool but its not really a big thing. We all saw failure of 3D TVs. I think it will be the same thing for 3D features on websites. I don’t think it would get much attention.

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