The New Face of JQuery{5}

by Monica G
With the world of technology constantly changing around us, it has become somewhat of a norm for updates to occur regularly. So it is only suitable that almost a year ago, JQuery made a new addition to its family tree, JQuery version 1.6. This new version was created to speed up the “JavaScript- rendered websites.” Some of these revisions are the way JQuery handles HTML attributes, creating a clear distinction between the attributes on HTML tags and the properties document object model (DOM). Instead of mixing the two together inside a method, two new methods were made to help directly manipulate properties, “.prop (), and .removeProp ().” Another method that was re-touched was the .data () method, in order to be able to handle events like when the user clicks on a link. Also JQuery would now be able to have one single timing schedule for multiple animations at the same time. These are just some of the changes that the development team did, so we now can enjoy better overall performance.

This is relevant to class discussion because we have been talking about JavaScript and it is always nice to know the developments of it, especially if we can enjoy them now. And as the article clearly states JavaScript has become one the most widely used and accepted languages. Plus, JQuery is popping more and more on different company and user websites. Therefore it is important for us to be able to view and understand the functionality of it all.

There was plenty of interesting facts to absorb from this article, and I especially liked the fact that author clearly informed the reader that the team was not stopping now, and they would be working on a version 1.7. It is always nice to see how what we learn in class applies to the real world, especially when it has to do with technology. That way you can understand it better and apply it to something tangible.

Citation: Jackson, J. (2011, May 3). New JQuery Boosts Web Site Speeds. Retrieved Febraury 11, 2012, from PCWorld: