The New Web HTML5{2}

by Michael M
A summary of what I read this week was a journal about HTML 5. HTML 5 is not a accepted by the World Wide Web Consortium. It is being approved by many companies becuase many people know that HTML 5 is going to be the future of the web. Today we see sites that are actually haveing to format and make two sites one that is made more mobile phones while the other one is formatted for computers. If HTML 5 comes out and is accepted it will help developers because there will only have to be one page developed and it will be written with html5. The things that are changing with html 5 is cascading style sheets. HTML 5 will help developers with animation, video, and other multimedia elemenys into websites without using software such as Flash. Flash has been critized by Apple from Steve Jobs because Flash has to much power and that is how computers are getting viruses. So with HTML 5 in place Flash may becomce obsolete unless Adobe can jump on the bandwagon and work with developers of HTML5.

This article fits really well with our discussion this past week because we were talking about HTML as well as how HTML 5 is being implemented. HTML 5 is going to be the future of our web which is going to be really good for developers. The thing that i liked about the artile was that i didnt know what was really the changes that were going to be implemented in HTML 5 and now was able to see some of what is going to be changed. It is cool how developers will be able to just write one site and it will be able to work over a variety platforms ex. smartphones, tablets, as well as desktops. I also did not know that HTML 5 has not been accepted yet but everyone is already moving toward the future because many companies know that HTML 5 will be accepted and will be ready for the change whenever the change does occur and is implamented.

I have not been exposed to much HTML syntax but I now know that HTML 5 will be implamented soon and will be able to know the language without haveing to learn much over. I will be able to learn basics of HTML this quarter and if HTML 5 is placed i will be able to have some knowledge of how HTML works and will be able to use that knowledge and will connect it with the new mark up language. It is funny how Flash creates viruses becuase i didnt know that i thought that flash was a software that was just placed on a comuter to view videos i didnt think the videos were downloaded i thought they were just streamed once flash began to play the video but i guess i was wrong.

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