The Paradigm of Service{Comments Off on The Paradigm of Service}

by James C

The IS job market has expanded to include many server-side languages. With the emergence of architectures that are centered on service-orientation, students are now implicitly required to obtain a more well-rounded intelligence of these types of languages. In this paper a pedagogy of courses is outlined to suggest a better approach to arming students with a better understanding of the needs that are required for the evolving job market. It not only reflects on the traditional methods used but also aims to improve them. In its detailed descriptions the paper provides an improved approach to the teaching methods for its proposed course curriculum. The server-side programming languages that are covered in these course are XML, ASP.NET and PHP.


I believe that teaching is a progressively evolving art. It’s disappointing that many teachers don’t necessarily embrace the benefits that modern technology provides. It’s good to see that the search for improving current curriculum is still being conducted.

The field of Information Systems is by far the most current field to have an explosion in it evolution of improvement. So much so that the only limiting factor is the capabilities that are offered from its hardware counterparts. I’m sure that as time goes by more and more improvements will be presented to the consumer market. That is to say we will probably be enjoying the leftovers that the military and special bureaus have and are now currently enjoying.


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