The Perfect Storm for Cloud Computing{1}

by Toan T
This article talks about how the advancement in today’s technology has made cloud computing an attractive choice for many small and big businesses and how it can affect them if they do not follow the changes that are currently happening around them. Even though cloud computing has been brought many times by large corporations such as Google and Amazon, many businesses are treating cloud computing very lightly and they do not know how well it can improve their companies. There are several factors on how cloud computing can affect online businesses. First is that there is no need to go out and spend thousands on dollar on newer technology when cloud computing can provide enough capacity needs without wasting any unused resources. Second is that a lot of people are complaining about the bandwidth capability of cloud but it is continue to become extremely fast due to the networks just as fiber optics and 4g are becoming faster and that will eliminate the problem for bandwidth capacity. Lastly is the effect on consumers will have on cloud computing, people are no longer wanting to go to a store to purchase their media when they can get it over the cloud at anywhere and anytime and that will create a greater demand for cloud computing.

I find this article to be very interesting and I am totally agree with that the author is trying to say. It is always a good thing to take advantage of new technology to innovate new things. Times are changing and people are also changing. People are starting to adapt to the mentality of wanting things instantly without having to travel or wait to get it. Big bulky hardware is also a thing in past because there is really no need to store data locally when it can be done through the cloud without utilizing any hardware.

This article is somewhat relevant to this class because cloud computing is mostly utilized over the web. So by learning how things are structured in web development, we can learn the differences between cloud computing and the standard client-server architecture and what improvements does one has over the other.

Reference: Nielsen, T. (2012, March 5). The Perfect Storm for Cloud Computing. Wired. Retrieved March 31, 2012, from