The power of both HTML5 and Javascript{Comments Off on The power of both HTML5 and Javascript}

by Carlos R
The article I picked this week to discuss about regards Javascript and HTML5. It basically says that both these are remaking the web, and are no longer considered just a buzz word, but actually shape and define web standards. It mentions how HTML5, along with the use of CSS and Javascript, can create really amazing things. HTML 5 requires no plug in at all, it works everywhere and is becoming more and more functional. Along with that, there are also graphic libraries for Javascript that allow for the creation of 3D graphics within browsers. Combine the power of the two and you create something incredible. There are a couple of examples talked about in the article, the first one being a brain surface and tractography viewer that was created right from Javascript. It allows researchers to explore data from an MRI within the same web browser. Google also released a Body browser which runs smoothly without much effort from the computer. There are a couple other ones mentioned that showcase why HTML 5 and Javascript together will dominate the future of web browsing.

I agree with the article that both of these will be the benchmark for every website out there that is trying to stay fresh and current. It feels like the beginning of a long life span for something that will revolutionize websites and how we interact with them, and I can’t wait to see what will come next.

In class, we discussed a lot about javascript, which most of us first learned about from previous Java classes. It’s back, but this time, it’s running right off the browser and will be supporing our websites when we create them. The article shows how important it is to learn what we are learning, because Javascript and HTML 5 have become very important and popular, and you will definitely have an edge over any rival if you know these two.


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