The Revolution of Cloud Computing is Upon Us{3}

by Carlos R
The article I chose to discuss about in this blog will surround around the idea of cloud
computing. Cloud computing is the idea of having computing as a service that you
can reach over a network such as the internet. How does this work? They store the software and
data that you wish to use on a remote server that you can only access if you are linked to it
through a network. The article I read about begins by explaining that the author will attend an
event regarding cloud computing where he will be able to discuss and ask questions about it. He then goes on and talks about the misconception that cloud computing is regarded as new technology that is barely in the early states of its revolution, which it is not. The first working cloud application that came into existence according to the article was Gmail in 2005. He said Gmail’s strategy, “foreshadowed the current wave of cloud evolution…”(Gillmor, 2009). Gmail was great when it first came out, and had a lot of new features that others didn’t have. Internally, Google was working to try to improve the system by adding functionalities such as search and page ranks that could simplify the life of users. As soon as they had fine tuned their cloud, competitors saw the success Google had accomplished and soon followed suit. Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple all introduced their own take on cloud computing, and as the author said, “Now the cloud model began to metastasize.”(Gillmor, 2009). He expects the social cloud in near term will expand across workgroups and businesses, and then cross-cloud.

In class, we touched upon cloud computing very briefly, but it is in fact a very important and
hot topic right now in technology. As said in the article and in class, there are a lot of
popular websites out there that already are betting their money and resources on cloud computing
for the future. One of the advantanges about cloud computing that companies like is the ability
to save money by unifying data and centralizing all their resources. Although cloud computing
sounds like the answer to most businesses who want to be as efficient as they can possible be,
there is a lot of controversy behind it, most of it regarding privacy issues. Since a lot of
data gets stored in one giant location, people fear that once someone with malevolent intentions
gets inside and access personal information, they can retrieve everything.

I feel that cloud computing is not going anywhere, but will take a couple of more years for it
to become widespread as it matures and becomes more secure. I personally think that the
whole concept of cloud computing itself is pretty interesting. To some, it can be dangerous
because many people out there who have not even heard of the idea of cloud computing just
maintained trust that the internet is a safe place to reveal most of your unnecessary personal
information, but that’s another topic. Regardless, although cloud computing might have been
considered more of a fad a couple of years ago, it is now referred to as the future.


Gillmor, Steve. (February 25, 2009). TechCrunch. In The Curious Case of Cloud Computing. Retrieved January 8, 2012, from