The Rise Of JavaScript{5}

by Yeimy F
 The journal I read this week is about how Javascript was not considered an important scripting language and how it has become crucial for Web developers and Web applications after the emergence of Web 2.0 which has brought sophisticated user interfaces and client-side browser functionality. Scripting languages like Shell, Tcl/Tk and JavaScript share common characteristics that provide users with the benefit of “flexible syntax, loose type systems, powerful reflexion mechanisms, and shorter build cycles”; however, they are used for different tasks. For instance, Unix uses Shell scripting for complex tasks, Tcl/Tk is a popular scripting to develop GUI-based applications, and JavaScript is used for implementing client-side functionality on Web apps. “In a survey on the most popular programming languages, JavaScript made it to the top 10 ” and now browser are developing technology to speed up the process of scripting execution because Web apps are replacing the computers’ desktop applications and users tend to have many Web apps running at the same time on different tabs. “The major browser vendors are working on new JavaScript engines – for example, Google’s V8 and Mozilla’s TraceMonkey – designed for fast execution using techniques such as just-in-time (JIT) compilation”

One of the learning objectives of this week was to understand why use JavaScript. And so we learned how JavaScript is commonly used as a client-side programming language that runs inside Web browsers and how it improves the visual look and the feel of the user experience. Well, this journal provides some differences between a full programming languages and a scripting language; and provides some useful information about the difference between scripting languages and their use. It also makes clear that JavaScript is the most popular one for businesses Web apps and it will become more essential since it is under further development.

I considered this journal important because it tells you how other programming languages like Java started to be used by programmers but since it had its limitations it went under further development to avoid them. So, compiler techniques were implemented and the limitations were overcome which allowed such programming language to become more useful and critical for relational database systems. This story relates to what it is happening to JavaScript!

Kienle, H. M. (2010). Its about time to take JavaScript (more) seriously. IEEE Software, 27(3), 60- 62. doi:10.1109/MS.2010.76