Things to know about Web.Config inheritance and Overrides in ASP.NET{1}

by Davina V
Galloway gives readers tips regarding that curious thing in Visual Studio that says web.config whenever you start a new blank web page. Tip 1 is about  using the config in subfolders and the laws of inheritance. In this case parent config are that aren’t over written are general and the child configs are generally small. Tip 2 says to understand how Web.config inherits its settings, a simplified version is explained on his webpage boils down to that the web configuration is actually inheritance from some of the settings at the server level. Which makes some things more easier like reading the files and overwriting when needed. His other tips were very informative and some did no go into web.config but more into inheritance and override like tips 4 through 6.  He has some other details that he did not explain fully in his blog for the purpose is to understand how to use configuration changes on a more basic level.

I thought that it would be useful to know what kind of help that I can get for using ASP.NET. This was useful for me because I was not sure what the file ‘web configuration’ was used for when I started this assignment with this program. It was also informative for the fact that we have to use this program for an assignment. So a general outlook was beneficial to see the complexity of this program. Hopefully, it will be simplified in time.


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