‘Time’ Element saved in HTML 5{Comments Off on ‘Time’ Element saved in HTML 5}

by Penny C


picture from www.alodtr.com

So we all know that HTML 5 is in the process of being standardized now.  According the article, <time>element was going to dropped from HTML 5 a few weeks back, but W3C saved it.  When the news came out that <time> element wasn’t going to in HTML 5 (Ian Hickson, HTML5 editor was going to drop it), a whole bunch of web developers were unhappy.  As we have practiced in the class and our class assignment, <time> element makes it easy for user-end web development to capture time to use for time-stamping  purpose and other data that needs time information.

I am sure there is a way to capture time and apply time stamp to documents on the server side; however, if <time> element is taken away, how will I add time stamp to cart and such in the project if we were using HTML 5 on the client side?  I would imagine it might be challenging for beginners.

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