To Cloud or not to cloud{4}

by Eric H
In this article it talks about cloud for personal use instead of the business side of cloud that we normally associate with. The author points out the pros and cons of using cloud as a home storage option (Plumadore, 2012). Cloud storage gives you the convenience of have your stuffs whenever you want it, and where ever you want it. But the con is that it requires internet connection when accessing your data, and issue with broadband bandwidth cap for those that store large amount of data in the cloud (Plumadore, 2012).

For those that wants to give cloud a try, there are many available options out there for us to choose from. All of these services offer a web interface, and some even has their own software for syncing. The most well known one probably is Drop Box, it offers 2GB of free storage, and users can increase the storage space by either referring friends or paying a annual fee, it also offers a client software that will sync your data automatically. Sugar Sync is also very similar to Drop Box, and it offers 5GB of space instead of 2GB. Google also offers cloud storage service, but at the cost of $50 a year for 200GB. Two other big players in this field are Microsoft and Box, they both offer 25GB+ for free but it doesn’t offer a desktop client like Drop Box (Plumadore, 2012).

I find this article to be very informative and it relates school work. I personally use Drop Box, as i find it very convenience to share files between computers and it also gives me the freedom to access my files anywhere and anytime i need the file. What i normally do is have the Drop Box client open while i am working on the file, and it will automatically update the file in the cloud. Cloud storage is a great tool for task like this. Back in the day USB drive was my “Drop Box”, it did not work nearly as well as Dropbox, i had to carry it every where i go, and the risk of losing the valuable data by losing the USB drive is a major disadvantage.

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