Trusteer Cloud-Based Service Protects Financial Institutions{1}

by David H
The article that I read is about many companies is using Trusteer to secure customers from their personal account or asset. The author mentions that by using the Rapport product it can enhance the real time cloud base on phishing protection service. For phishing filter, it will decrease of fraud and can catch the theft when they try to steal customer data account. Basically what phishing filter does is it will block any malicious website which it thinks that was not secure to launch in. By doing so, the fraud cannot access to customer data info. On other hand, Trusteer anti phishing will check whether the website is legitimate site or not. The author mentions that there are three actions that Trusteer service will perform if the website identifies it is criminal:

“  1. Automatically alerts the authentic website owner that their customer accessed a fraudulent website. This alert includes the information the service provider needs to recover the user’s account details, suspend the account, and contact the customer so they can reset the account.

2. Updates all Rapport desktop agents with this malicious website to prevent further access to it.

3. Notifies browser vendors of this malicious website so they can update their filters.”

I think this article is informative because it let us know how danger when we launch to the website on the internet. From this article, I have learned that phishing filer is very helpful because it will protect our information when we login the website. As we know, when we login to bank or credit card website we don’t want anyone can know our username and password, so they can see our information


Trusteer cloud-based service protects financial institutions and their customers from targeted phishing attacks. (2008, Jul 24). Business Wire, pp. n/a.