Twitter Web Analytics and You

by Alexander H
Web Analytics is the measurements, collections, analysis and reporting of understand and optimizing web usage. With that said, they provide a significant role in an e-business and the amount of traffic they receive. Twitter, one of the most popular and largest social media sites, has recently announced a new Web Analytics service that will evidently tailor to a larger audience. Google Analytics was originally used to determine the flow of traffic, but the path was not evident. The new Web Analytics software Twitter plans to implement will allow you to see who is sharing your site content and how. “This opens up new possibilities, such as launching incentive and affiliate programs, which would have been impossible to implement in the past” (Angela West). This tool will ultimately measure the effectiveness of a business’ Tweet button integration and how often its content is mentioned or shared in tweets.

This article ties into this week’s discussion regarding Web Analytics and its uses. In general, Web Analytics are used for measuring web traffic, business and market research, as well as determining and improving upon the effectiveness of a website. Twitter Web Analytics just revamped those uses and improved upon them. Instead of just giving broad information about where your sites traffic is coming from, it also determines the path it took to arrive at your site.

I appreciated the fact that Twitter, of all social media sites, was innovative enough to create something of this caliber. Never have I expected them to do so. I suppose when a popular social site, such as Twitter, has millions of users it is only expected for them to make improvements to their site in both a social and business aspect. The Twitter Web Analytical tool is to be implemented soon enough and businesses and their sites will be able to view trends. These businesses will then be able to determine and improve upon the effectiveness of their site.

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4 thoughts on “Twitter Web Analytics and You”

  1. All my opinion is about how privacy can help people. They are making capabilities to make users see what they are doing on your twitter account. It makes it complicated because it only makes it socially awkward for people that just look at what a person is doing. It’s another double edged sword that the application is providing for the rest of the world. If it was me, we might as well get rid of social media because it will only things complicated.

  2. I agree with ebcachola. Twitter should definitely consider making some of this technology optional and user configurable because I think some people might be offended by the lack of privacy. I think that many more privacy issues are going to arise as social media grows and I am on the side that already doesn’t like a lot of things associated with social media.

  3. This is an awesome way that technology has affected the way that businesses manage the information on their consumers. It allows real time data to be collected that can automatically be sorted in to any number of demographics based on the information present in the account of the user doing the tweeting (That word…).

    I feel the same way as the above two posters. There are obvious ethical concerns that come to mind when discussing classification of people’s data on this scale. An option of whether or not to be included in the data compiling would be a great option, but that would only be effective if Twitter actually takes the effort to make its users aware of the situation. Hopefully, an ethical compromise can be reached that helps both businesses and consumers.

  4. I agree with all three of the posters before me. It is cool that technology can do stuff like this everyday. However, I like my privacy and I can say the same for many other users out there. It’s fine for people who are able to admit to what they like doing at points in time, but it has a high probability of driving away users whom do not want to be watched. Even then the fact that twitter having something like this could make many people uneasy because they are unsure if the site is safe enough for them.

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