UI Design Ideas{1}

by Michael M
The idea of this article was to get a understanding of the UI Design Process. It gives an idea to 10 basic ideas that do seem crucial for Internet design especially becuase as I was reading you do not want to have a web page that is to busy that people would get distracted from the web page and not know what product you are really selling. You need to know who the users are and understand what they want becuase they are the client and are the ones that will end up using the system and not you. You also want to make sure to find something that is familiar with the user becuase if it is something that is normal the user would be able to use it easily and will not end up getting frusterated with your web design. Like all things everything needs to stay consistent users do not like to have to adapt the change constantly it gets hard for the user and as humans we are creatures of habit. Be able to focus on where things fit in the web page such as text images and things that relate to your web page. It is alwasy good to get feedback from your users they are the ones using it not you and they may want things changed so you should allow change for them. Dont hard code everything allow users to make changes because not everyone is perfect. Once a user uderstands everything allow shortcuts for the user so it become more freindly for them. Make sure everything is simple dont make things to complex a user would not like haveing to figure everthing out. Once you have all of that that you want to keep moving forward and helping your website. If you keep changing little things like pictures you will keep your followers coming to your page which will be good for your site. All of the little things need to be met and you will have a successful User Interface that will be appealing to many users.

Reflecting on the lecture this past week I can connect this really closely because we were learing about things that can be focused on web pages and especially User Interface. Users are always the one using the site and should be able to view things the way that appeals to them. You want things to stand out but at the same time you dont want your site to be to blinding. There are somethings such as where you position photos and text that are great and help with User Interface. Being consistant on pages on the way things are laid out will help alot because people will be able to see your site and when they are navigeting througgh it they will be able to know where you links to different parts of your web page will be.

I like going to many web pages and if i know how to navigate the site well I just go to a different web page. There are some really annoying web pages that will pop up music or even videos but they do not allow you to stop the music or video. If i cant do that and i have to watch the entire thing i just go to another web page. I like being in control and will look at a site for a few seconds. The professor showed us a heat map of where people click on pages so that is were looking at the User interface can play a crucial role because you can put links on your page that will make you some money for everytime someone clicks on the link. Users will be able to utilize the site well if the peroson develps the web page correctly and lays out everything the way many pages are. Users like consistancy and sites that are alike appeal to many people.

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