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by Salvador A
The latest update to Splunk Enterprise brought about many changes but most notably was its UI update.The old UI was bassed off of Adobe Flash. This old version was customizable but it had to be done through the modification of text files. The new updated UI of Splunk is based off of HTML5 and JavaScript. This means Splunk can be  accessed from multiple platforms, including mobile devices such as the iPad. What the  Splunk software does is it analyzes machine data. The most notable change to Splunk software was the dashboards. Now these dashboards can be modified via the dashboards,  not only can they modify dashboards, but also change the order of data, or change the types of charts. Meaning they can swap out a pie chart for a bar graph and the like. They also introduced a new type of visualization which they named sparklines. These sparklines allow the merging of multiple data points into a single drawing that goes across the screen, you can also merge old data with current real-time data. On another note they claim Splunk can work 10 times faster, and supports multiple users on a single instance of the software.
While i was unable to View a picture of the old versus the new Splunk i will have to believe that the changes must have been drastic in the field of UI, for the article to continue mentioning it. Being able to change the order of data, and modifying the Chart type on the fly must be an amazing thing to do, I can recall on a couple of physics assignments where this would have been extremely useful. Also having the freedom to change your dashboard, from your dashboard that idea alone is genius. I’m sure there are a couple of software programs out there that can deal with a UI update, like the IDE Netbeans. Or if anything just being able to change a UI to suit your likings is better than not being able to change anything about it. I personally believe that a good UI can be the difference between someone using your software and someone not.

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