UI Testing With Real Users

by Daniel S
One key aspect to user-interface design is how to run a user test. A user test is to show the developer how user friendly your design is. A user test should always involve users with no software skills whatsoever. This way the feedback that is given to the developer will be much more valuable, and also it will be unbiased. The test users that you’ve selected should also click around on various menus and the developer should log how the users use your system. As a developer, you have to be aware that since you’re using testers with no software skills, patience is the key. Some users might feel overwhelmed, stressed, and/or emotionally distressed.

Source: Nielsen, Jakob. (1996). Putting the user in user-interface testing. Software, IEEE , 13(3), 89-90.

This article compliments with what we learned this past week when we discussed on the topic of user interface. The creation of a unique, easy to remember, site logo was discussed so that visitors can easily remember the logo. Also, when designing a website, the website should be user friendly, and easy to use. Having added features such as a site map can help users navigate with ease. When you launch a website, you’re reaching out to a wide range of peers, some with technical knowledge, and some with no technical knowledge.

This article grabbed my attention because it was a journal article that was describing the challenges that you might face during the user-interface design. I personally have never created my own website before, however, I do have a better understanding of some of the difficulties one might be faced when designing one. User-friendliness for example is extremely important in my opinion, especially since you’re dealing with a wide range audience.

2 thoughts on “UI Testing With Real Users”

  1. Interesting article. I also don’t have any past experience in designing or building web pages, so i have never heard of UI testing before. But from reading your blog i can see how UI testing with real users can be a powerful tool for developers in improving there website. We have learned in class that customers only spend few seconds on checking out a site, and if they do not find what they are looking for on that page, then they will move on to the next. I can see how a nicely designed UI tested webpage will do much better than a non UI tested site.

  2. Interesting. I would not have thought about looking at it in that point of view. As a maker of a web page i thhought that you should just build it to whatever the person wants the web page to be like. But as i read and saw things it made more sence to have someone with no experiece to look at your web page because they can give feedback and create a page that is simple and is user friendly. It just made me think that you need different people to look at your website because there are people
    that are not literate when it comes to computers while there are others that are really computer savy.

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