UML Diagram for Rookie{1}

by Jamal A
A picture worth a thousand words, but it worth way more than that when creating a UML Diagram. UML is a graphical modeling language, and it represents a class as a rectangle with the class name inside. I usually think of it as a box full of stuff.  The author in this article, talks about how UML class diagrams are very good for interconnecting the overall structure of classes and the dependencies between them.  However, In a UML class diagram it is somewhat easier to see whether one class inherits from another class, or it just simply holds the reference to another class.  According to the article, “Diagrams make certain dependency structures visible. We can see dependency cycles, and determine how best to break them. We can see when abstract classes depend upon concrete classes, and determine a strategy for rerouting such dependencies”. Next, the authors Robert C. Martin talks about the associations between classes that are most often represent instance variables that hold references to other objects.

I think this article relates to the class because it talks about the important aspects of UML Diagram. I have worked with UML Diagram in the past and in my opinion it is much easier to use and understand than an ER Diagram. I learned a lot from this article. Because it goes in depth and explain how UML Diagram really words. I recommend everyone to read this article to have a basic knowledge of UML Diagram.

Martin, R. C. (2004, September 24). UML Class Diagrams for Java Programmers. Inform IT. Retrieved April 8, 2012, from