“Up to Code” – Coding Websites{1}

by Melinda E
This article was about a website called Code Academy that has tutorials and articles about the web programming language JavaScript. It’s fairly new and has had 360,000 visitors this year already. Apparently, a lot of people who are not into technology or the coding side of it are finding it very easy to use. They have forums that you can chat with other users about projects and ask questions. The really great thing about the website is that it is interactive. You can type code into a box and it tells you if its correct or not. It stops you if you are not correct. It is very hands on. Another great thing is that its’ service is free, but some people say it is a little bit faulty but definitely still usable.


I will definitely be using this site for project 2 and beyond. I think everyone in the class can benefit from its hands on approach to coding. Somethings its the simple things that we can get stuck on and hopefully this will help us out. In addition to other learning websites, even things like YouTube, this site has an advantage. The fact that it’s free is also a huge plus.

This relates to class because all we have been talking about is coding. There is a lot of commands to remember is a short period of time and while we are learning we still need a lot of help. Hopefully this site will start offering courses in more languages like HTML and CSS even though they are arguably easier languages.


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