Usage Comparison Between VB and

by Robert L
Visual Basic.Net, the follow-up to Microsoft’s legacy Visual Basic language, is gaining in popularity as Visual Basic loses steam. Visual Basic was used by 4.32 percent of developers, down from nearly 5 percent that used it a year ago, while VB.Net increased from 0.59 percent a year ago to nearly 0.80 percent. But Visual Basic is the 7th-ranked language, while VB.Net is ranked 16th. It had been ranked 22nd a year ago, though.

I found this article interesting for the reason that while Visual is 10 years newer than Visual Basic and is matured through its 11 years of service in the industry, it’s still has not overshadowed its predecessor’s legacy. It seems however that VB.nets is a slow burn in its adoption as while classic Visual Basic is slowly going off radar, VB.Net is still gaining in popularity each month.


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