User Experience Web and Car Shoppers

by Tuyen H
In the article “More auto shoppers relying on the Web for research,” (Hirsch, 2011)Jerry Hirsh discusses about how car shopping culture has changed because of the Internet. More than 80 percent car shoppers research on Wed before buying their car at a dealer. There are many famous website that people can check them out before designing to purchase a car such as, Kelley Blue Book, and TrueCar Inc. According to said Paul Johnson, chief executive of Irvine-based Kelley Blue Book, there are more than eighteen million car shoppers visit the Kelley Blue Book website and looking at about 250 million pages just for new car information. The author also believes that in the near future most of car shopper will buy their car through the Webs.

Understand of the car shoppers need, those companies like, Kelley Blue Book, and TrueCar Inc create their website based on user experience. As the result, their webs are very attractive and informative. They are attracting millions of visitors per mouth. Nowadays, web designers should combine User Interface with User Experience to create their website.  

I agree with the author about the Internet has changed our buying culture. Not only buying car, people now always research about products that they are going to buy. The Internet provides us most of information about products such as price, warranty, and location. In my opinion, buying a car is really important because it cost me lot of money. Moreover, I will spend a lot of my time driving on it. Therefore, before buying a car, people should research about cars that they want to buy, and the Internet is a huge library people can use.

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3 thoughts on “User Experience Web and Car Shoppers”

  1. Hi

    I also agree that the Internet has alter our buying culture, especially in car buying. Buying a car is a huge investment. I don’t know about you guys, but I keep my cars for a long time and I want a reliable car that wouldn’t require me to be best friends with my mechanic. So Internet is a great resource to research the reviews (by the industry experts) and read the forums by the everyday drivers. Not only that, I could design my own car on the Internet with the options that I want: Check out the colors and various options without talking to the pesky sale persons. I think that’s where the Internet contribution helps both side…by the time a buyer walks into the show room, he/she knows the package and the price that he/she wants and pay. That cuts down on sale persons time to show different cars.

    And if you are in the market for used cars, you can search Internet for common trouble or issues the model of the car you are targeting have so you know what you are getting yourself into.

  2. I absolutely agree with the fact that people shop for cars more on the internet nowadays. I myself sells cars online and rely heavily on the internet to provide me with buyers and information. Without it I wouldn’t know what to do.

  3. I am totally in the 80%. The only new car I have ever bought was one that I did extensive research on. I read the reviews and checked out what owners of the car had to say. Only then did I feel comfortable enough to buy it. There are probably still people that go down to a car dealership and make a purchase based on what the sales person says, but I am not one of them. I just can’t afford to make a bad purchase.

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