User Interface design will affect efficiency and experience{1}

by Boshi W
I read an article on Design Shack talking about the UI designs on of Apple’s products not very efficient and create problems for users. One design was the Ibooks User Interface being too spaced out and letters too cramped comparing to its competitors Amazon Kindle’s simple and intuitive design interface which gives much free space to breathe. The Authors calls this design the “uncanny valley”. Another UI design flaw was the Cockpit for Mac OSX also being too realistic but inefficient in user experience. The author argues that apps with simplicity in mind is more user friendly and adaptive then apps trying to make it too realistic.

I agree with the author on this issue simply because I believe that technology should make life easier rather than harder. Apps such as ibooks will make a huge impact in the book market simply because its more affordable and simple. Making the UI simple and intuitive will only add to the user experience rather than making it too realistic like an actual book with limited spaces. The designer should focus on adapting every bit of the spaces available for use rather than wasting empty spaces for book margins etc.

We have come to an age of technology heavy era where everything is slowly being replaced by one technology form or another. User Interface designers will have harder and harder time to design both beautiful and efficient interfaces to maximize user experience as tech devices become smaller and smaller. Using every bit of available spaces efficiently is the key to designing a sold application so that users can truly benefit from using technologies.

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