V8 Engine!{3}

by Eric H
For this week’s blog, i found a article that talks about what Google is doing to their Chrome browser to gain better performance with JavaScript. Google’s been including their V8 engine (an open source JavaScript engine developed by Google) with pervious release of Chrome browsers, and recently Goolge came out with a new version of V8 engine which uses a new counters-based algorithm to decide which functions to optimize. The new V8 engine compiles Javascript in two stages: first it machine code an then optimizing it (Gavin, 2012).  And this new version of V8 engine will be included in the soon to be released Chrome 19 (currently Chrome 18), Google is claiming that Chrome 19 will have a 25 percent increase in speed (Gavin, 2012).

I find this article to be very interesting and at the same time relates to our class lectures on JavaScript. When web designer are making web sites, the though of how the final product will be in the performance category is always a concern, but then coding and designing the web site correctly are not the only way to makes the website perform well; different browser might also help with how a website perform. I believe most of us have tried Google’s Chrome browser, some even have Chrome as their main browser, so i think most of us will benefit from this change that Google is making to the new Chrome browser.


Gavin, C. (2012, May 3). The register. Retrieved from http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/05/03/chromium_v8_counters/