Visual Basic 6 Renewed for Windows 8{1}

by Melinda E
Visual Basic 6 is being confirmed to still be supported on the new and upcoming OS, Windows 8. People were concerned about this because VB6 was released in 1998, over ten years ago, but people are still loyal and use it so they wanted to make sure it was still being supported. A developer states that “6 million developers” still use VB6. Some people would like it to run on 64 bit but it seems no other changes are desired. Microsoft is a little confused on the use of VB6 because they have released so many new versions since. However, they also feel proud that they released a good product that is still being used and supported .


I supposed Windows 8 will try to gain as much acceptance as it can, therefore more reason to support legacy programs. Every time Microsoft introduces a new OS, people are wary to switch to it. The people that are most concerned with quality would be developers and other IT people because they need stability and support. On the surface Microsoft advertises to common users, but these developers are really the ones pressing questions and needs on Microsoft. While there was no news in the article as to when Window 8 will be out, I’m sure people will slowly transition regardless. Windows 7 has been pretty decent. If Windows 8 is anything like a rushed flop such as Vista was, Windows 7 will still reign and people will still be able to use their Visual Basic 6 for awhile.


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