Visual Basic and C# working together{Comments Off on Visual Basic and C# working together}

by Daniel M
The article that i read was about how visual basic and C#, which are both Microsoft languages, had been competing i the past. One of them would release something new and the other would have to play catch up to make themselves look good. Now both of the teams have to report through the same organizational structure. The idea behind this is to create a tighter cooperation between the two teams to make the capabilities of each language better and also to create consistency between the two languages. The idea is to make the languages more declarative. Declarative languages, according to the article basically are more abstract than the classic programming styles. It allows the compiler to not have to compile operations in a specific manner. The next thing they are trying to do is make both n\languages more dynamic. It would make the languages more like Python, Ruby or JavaScript. Microsoft has generally been more about static languages and they want to change that. The use of static and dynamic code will make for a better program. The las thing that Microsoft is trying to do is make the programming concurrent. Concurrent programming basically executes multiple steps at the same time. Computers are running more cores in their processors and they are also running virtual cores which allows for more processing power which in turn allows for more of the code to be run at the same time. This will allow the applications to run much faster. the article does talk about how writing parallel code is very hard and time consuming.

I found this article interesting because it shows how two languages can share a similar goal and work together to achieve that goal. Also as CIS majors we need to know what is going on with the programming languages and how they are changing. I also found it interesting that even though both languages were Microsoft languages, they were competing against each other. I think that in the end, the shared goal between the two languages will create a better end for both languages.

reference: Strawmeyer, M. (2009, august 25).The Future of Managed Languages: C# and Visual Basic. Retrieved from