Visual Basic for Applications Can Come in Handy{1}

by Monica G
There are always new things you can do with plenty of applications, and this is no exception. With Visual Basic for Applications, you can share data between two different Microsoft applications. The article uses the example of   using Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word 2011, the writer wants to embed data from a Excel project (a sales report) into a already existing Word document. According to the author, with Visual Basic that is possible, first the VB would identify the month the information is referring to, and then it would retrieve the sales numbers for that month, and paste the data into the document. First you would find the word you want to use, in this example it was month. Then using only two lines of code; a line to create a String variable named month and it assigns its value to that variable. Second we would “fetch the data” from the Excel spreadsheet. Third would come the, “home in on the range,” meaning we would specify which part of the spreadsheet we want to use. And finally we would put it all together, by creating macros.

This article had some relevance to the class discussion, because Visual Basic was discussed. It is always good to know neat little tricks like this, because you never know when you might need them. We learned how to use Visual Basic but little things like this; we would have to get from someplace else. Visual Basic is important to know how to use, but small things can come in handy.

The article was interesting because we just started working with VB. But I was left wondering if this would work for other applications and if it would only work for Microsoft or perhaps others. Overall the article came in handy because I am sure one day I will use this, I am just not sure if will actually work and if it will be as simple as the author makes it to be.

Citation: Grover, C. (2011, April 14). Pull Excel Data Into Word 2011 Docs. Retrieved March 12, 2012, from PCWorld: