Visual Basic improves Web features{3}

by David H
This week I read article about Visual Basic get improve in Web features. There are three things that Visual Basic version 5 has been improved on performance. The first thing is loading controls and form which appear with lightning speed. Second thing that Visual Basic 5 has been improved is database access times are much more impressive. The third one is complier support have been enhanced by using the optimizing technology in Microsoft C++. These improvements are very impressive. The author emphasizes that now Visual Basic add Active X features to web. Therefore, the process of developing control is greatly simplified. In addition, many websites nowadays has been added Active X feature to web. The author also mentions that many websites choose to extend Visual Basic applications to Web clients by using ActiveX components on their web servers. The purpose of doing that was because the components would run on the server and return only the desired result to the client.

I think this article relates to class because in class we have been discussed how Visual Basic construct to web site by writing a code. In my opinion, I think when we write a code in visual basic it helps the website has more functions and more features. From this article, I have learned that Visual Basic provides some impressive performance and productivity gains along with some powerful Web related features.



Biggs, M. (1997). Visual basic gets web features. InfoWorld, 19(6), 79-79.