Visual Basic Lightswitch? Easier to understand?

by Daniel S
This week I read an article about Visual Studio Lightswitch. This application is designed to simplify creation of different kinds of applications. It allows users to create applications with a modern multi-user design that support both the web and desktop clients, but with little or no coding, though a user can add Visual Basic. Some of the advantages of the lightswitch is that the users do not have to count pixels or align objects – all that is taken care of within the program. A striking feature of lightswitch is the screen designer. Instead of a drag and drop form designer of the kind that has been popular since the first release of Visual Basic, Lightswitch has an editable list of screen elements, from which a screen is generated.

I did not know what Visual Basic was before reading this article. I had heard of it couple of times before in previous classes, but have never used the application before, let alone using lightswitch. All I know about Visual Basic is that it’s a computer programming system that is developed to write Windows computer operating system easier. We went over briefly about Visual Basic during class and we discussed the “If..Then statements Syntaxes,” and Do while loops, all the different kinds of syntax and statements, reminds me of Java programming code.

I think that Visual Basic is a lot easier to understand than Java. The language not only allows programmers to create simple GUI applications, but also develop complex applications. There are many resources to assist any users that are interested in using VB. Some of the disadvantages of VB is that it is not suited for any sophisticated role playing games, and it much slower than other programming languages.

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