Visual Basic simpler and better than C#{Comments Off on Visual Basic simpler and better than C#}

by Gerardgon Z
Visual Basic was designed to be relatively easy to learn and use. Programmers know the annoyances and limits of programming and Visual Basic stepped in to create a better and simpler way to code. The article talks about 10 different ways Visual Basic is better than C#. It talks about the case sensitive code that C# uses that makes it very and prone to mistakes and typos in the code. Visual Basic allows for a simpler select clause than C# in that you do not need to add ‘break’ to each and every single case. The symbols used in VB are equivalent to the English language ands, ors, and nots instead of using symbols.VB is also more forgiving in the way it handles code and strictness. You don’t have to go through messy variable conversions because VB is a smarter language that understands what the coder is trying to do. The article lists a total of ten reasons of why VB is better than C# and voices his opinion of each of these topics.

The article is related to our class discussion for this week because our topic for this week is Visual Basic and coding in it for our project 3. The article lists and shows code for VB that we  went over in class and in the power points. It gives us a peek in the power and usability of VB as a language compared to C#.

Knowing that VB was created with the programmer in mind puts my mind at ease. The language does make it easier to learn and understand how coding works and allows students who are new to coding to get a better grasp of it and not be intimidated by all the lines of code and functions used in programming in different language. I can not even imagine how easy and simple yet powerful coding in future languages  will be. We might even get a decent and functional WYSIWYG coder program.

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