Visual Basic Supported on WP7…Sort of

by Robert M
Though this article is a bit outdated, it goes into the specifics on how Microsoft has opened the development of applications for the Windows phone 7, which we now know pretty much failed to be the iPhone/Android killer that it was hoping to be. The development for the phones was only allowed to be done using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional or higher (no Express), and can only be used to develop silverlight apps. The XNA framework is not supported, though it is mentioned that it may be supported at a certain time in the future. Obviously opening the development of visual basic apps is intended to increase the number of apps available on the phone, and thus, the appeal of the phone and it’s app library to potential consumers.


Personally, I feel that Microsoft is going to have to get as close to open source as they can get themselves if they want to try and compete on the same level as Android and iOS. They’re already behind in release, so doing anything other than pulling out all the stops is just going to end up hurting them in the long run. As for silverlight, lol. That plugin causes way more trouble than it’s worth on browsers (Netflix on windows anyone?). I would hate to see the kind of havoc it could wreak on a mobile environment. The XNA framework is actually used by game developers, which is a pretty significant portion of the developers of mobile based applications. They’re shooting themselves in the foot here. Well, I should say that they already have. But I guess they’re trying. And that’s something.


Gohring, Nancy (2010). Microsoft Opens WP7 Development with Visual Basic. PC World.