Visual Basic Vs. Java{5}

by Jorge R
The topic of my article is about visual basic. It explains that it has been the number one choice when programming Windows applications. Visual Basic is not alone in the market, its main competitors being Java. The article although old explains that VB was declining to Java. Its main flaw at the time was the lack of website developing tools. With an increase of web applications, Microsoft had the hard task to either re-develop VB or go with Java. Their solution was to revamp their VB system to allow Web design tools  and allow open standards such as HTTP,XML, WSDL and SOAP. Java had a head start with mature standard and advantages such as platform independence, maturity and small foot print. As a solution Microsoft developed C# as a Java language alternative to influence programmers to stay with their language. The article projected that VB would still be king of programming to its new add on and web development tools.

I found this article to be enjoying, considering how old it was. It makes me realize what a big task Microsoft had at the time. As a student programmer I can now appreciate the multitude of languages that, one can use to write code for web applications. Microsoft made the right move to stick with their feelings  and revamp their system to keep their programming language alive. This article relates to the class because we are currently in the process of learning how to use Visual Basic. I think it is essential to learn the history and background of the software that you are using to respect it and appreciate how far it has come.

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