Visual Basics

by Michael M
The article I read today was actually really interesting it basically went over visual basics and how it actually got started. Visual basics was created by Microsoft by John Kemeny and Thomas Kurtz. It was a program that was a great design and one that really tied Microsoft up into the computers. It was a program that  was created to make writing programs easier for users. It was one of the most widely used softwares at one point. Microsoft has been moving to a more powerful software that was redesigned and created in 2005 it is the .net. It may be one of Microsofts mistakes because they are forcing users that are so prone to using their old software to change and learn the .net program because they are no longer going to support the old one. Users are beginning to either switch over to the .net while other users are switching to different companies because if they have to adapt to change they might as well learn something new. The cool thing about visual basic is it allows users to build what they want and draw which the part of why it is called visual. Some people say that visual basic helps people that cannot program but that is not true because if you can program this tool can help make your programs that much better because it can help you out while you program. Visual basics is object oriented and also allows for inheritance with the .net version. Prior versions did not support that.

The reason I wrote about this article is because this week we went over a few things about visual basics. We didn’t really go into depth about how visual basics is where it is now but we did go over some of the code and how visual basic works. It seems as if visual basic is like anything else when it comes to coding because you still need to have some background to programming because if you do not you will be up a creek. Visual basic requires some programming skills in order for the logic to flow and work out the way the creator wants everything to work.

The thing that I liked about the article was that it talked about how visual basics came out to be and how it is today and how Microsoft has basically created a new design that is really good but is making users that knew the old design switch which is sad. The thing that we learned during class this week was about how to code in visual basics. Visual basics is a powerful tool that makes design easier and makes programs run better.

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