Visual Studio 11, ASP.NET 4.5, and ASP.NET MVC 4{1}

by Taylor G
ASP.NET 4.5 Soon to be Released

According to this article web developers will see the next version of Visual Studio (11), ASP.NET (4.5), and ASP.NET MVC (4).  The article talks about the never features of the software and how if you’re using the Web Application Template project, the content for the default.aspx page, has become completely useless.  The author talks about how most developers choose to make their own applications and pages without modifying or using the templates at all.  He claims that the new page doesn’t even “pretend to be supporting an application,” rather it offers advice for the developer.  The new Visual Studio 11 IntelliSense will support the new HTML5 tags from the beginning.  The new default.aspx page contains section tags, while IntelliSense shows the header, footer, and article tags that have been used with Visual Studio in the past.  The article also talks about changes to the DataView controls, for example, the GridView, DataList, etc.  These changes allow you to avoid the DataSource controls so that if you wanted to write you own retrieval and update code you can with a new technology coined to be called “Model Binding” by the ASP.NET teams have put together.

This article goes into great deapth of the new changes to Visual Studio and ASP.NET.  I wasn’t too familiar with some of the topics he brought up, since we haven’t learned too much about data binding and retrieving data.  I think down the line, in a few weeks, this article will be more interesting and useful as some of us will be considering Web Development as our future.  This article provides great detail about the new useful and not so useful features of the new software.  I found the article interesting, and cannot wait to give it another read once we have finished learning about this software and platform.

Vogel, P. (2012, May 4). 4.5 test-drive. Retrieved from