Visual Studio 2010 Top 10{Comments Off on Visual Studio 2010 Top 10}

by Jonathan F

Microsoft with the release of Visual Studio 2010, Net Framework 4 and Silverlight 4 have made the web development process a little easier. It helps developers with enterprise, desktop and mobile applications. Prior to the release of Visual Studio 2010 Microsoft revealed the top ten features of this program. The first feature is that it has intellitrace which allows developers to look at the recorded history of the execution of the developed application to see where there are any mistakes in application that would cause it to crash or has caused it to crash. It has test impact analysis which informs developers of test that need to be run on an application and gives real time results of the test. The program also allows the developer to display a developed project across multiple screens, this is helpful because a developer can view multiple files at once. One screen can have code, another the database development and the interface design. Microsoft also made improvements on the use of C++ in Visual Studio by enabling the use of multiple C++ compilers. It has the feature of JavaScript IntelliSense which auto completes JavaScript code as you type. Visual Studio 2010 has improved AJAX support which improves the performance of Web applications by allowing developers to use jQuery framework in their ASP.NET applications. The program allows start page extensibility which allows developers to personalize the start page to their own preferences. It has a one-click deployment allows developers to move their database, registry and Web config settings into production in one step and allows Website updates with the hit of a button. It has business connectivity service which allows developers to join multiple data sources. They are able to get different files from other sources and join everything together with Sharepoint. It makes joining a project together much easier. Finally Visual Studio 2010 has a Silverlight designer which allows a developer to build a application that can run on the Web and offline.

The article is related to the course material because we are using Visual Studio to develop our server side Web development. The program is a powerful tool that is used by designers that has multiple features that has made Web development easier for developers. The program puts all the tools that developers need in one program.

We will use this program to build our Web projects, but we will not use most of the tool that Visual Studio provides and we will not really use its full potential. I really like that IntelliSense feature of Visual Studio because it makes life easier. Also it is really helpful because there is less typing involved and it all seems to be user friendly.

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